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If you’ve been around young kids for any amount of time, you might have noticed that many of them like to tattle.  My mom actually has a picture of a turtle on the back of her bedroom door.  His name is Mr. Tattle Turtle. She will tell my nieces and nephews to go tell Mr. Tattle Turtle when they want to tattle! Well, one second grade teacher found her own way to deal with tattling.  And now this teacher’s Tattle Tub is going viral!

She created “Tattle Forms.”  The kids can fill them out if they’re having issues with other kids and place the forms in a Tattle Tub. And not too surprisingly, the forms are filled with bad grammar and terrible spelling. And there are some pretty funny ones too!

And thankfully, she shared some of the funnier responses on TikTok!

She does mention that it doesn’t turn them into snitches.  This method helps the kids feel heard and valued, and they all know the tattles are a bit ridiculous! I don’t know, I think this teacher’s tattle tub is pretty brilliant!

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