Tee Gentry


I love my air fryer. But, My Air Fryer Is A Fire Hazard…Is Yours? It’s healthier and quicker than a deep fryer and cleans up quickly.

I got the notice the other day in my email and realized that mine is on the list. Mine is a Cosori, and I’ve had it for a couple of years. If yours is on the list, you’ll need to take a few pictures of it and show evidence that you have cut the power cord.

IMPORTANT! Ensure your device is not plugged in when cutting the cord. I know, but someone is responsible for the Don’t Swim With Alligators Sign.

BTW, from what I understand, you can get a new air fryer just like the one you had or another similar item you have now.

If yours is on the list, they recommend you quit using it now and unplug it. I’ve taken the pictures and cut my cord, and I’ll let you know how long it takes to get my new one. They will ship it to you. Below is the list to check if your air fryer is one of the recalls and the pictures I took that they requested.

Good luck!

Check here to see if yours is on the list.