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We’re excited to welcome Riley Green to Augusta for Rock Fore! Dough coming up April 4th.  And we can’t help but wish this happened here!  Someone snuck a schnauzer into the Riley Green show… but the best part? The dog was groomed to have a mullet! And whoever got the dog in was able to get close enough for Riley to sing to him!

Check out the dog with a mullet at the Riley Green show:


That’s somethin’ you don’t see often 😅 video: @jjdickerson72 #whiskeyriff #rileygreen #mulletszn #countrymusic #fyp

♬ original sound - Whiskey Riff

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Best Dog Videos You'll See Today

Yes, it’s me… sharing dog stuff again! I can’t help it. How could you NOT want to see the best dog videos? There’s just so much cuteness!  How can you see a dog, and not immediately smile?  I can seriously be driving down the road and see a dog in someone’s car and start smiling instantly.  Dogs are just so pure and loveable.  So as I was doing my daily scrolling on social media, I figured I’d find the best dog videos to pick you up on this rainy Wednesday!

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