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This morning we talked about little things that annoy us every time they happen. As always your phone calls and comments were great! These could be things that happen every day, or every once in a while, but every time they happen, they annoy you. Just like normal, Cody and I began the conversation by talking about the things that annoy us.

I hate it when the sensor on the paper towel dispenser doesn’t work. It seems like it doesn’t work more often than it does work. And then there you are just waving your hand in front of it looking like an idiot, an idiot with wet hands.

Cody hates it when she’s trying to pass someone driving slow, and then they speed up right as she’s trying to pass. I totally feel her on that one, I hate that too! Another thing that annoys us is when someone sends a text asking if they can ask you a question. Just ask it! No need for additional texts, just ask the question!

We got a ton of comments from y’all, and if you’d like to check out all of those, just click on our Kicks Wake Up Krew Facebook page.

We got a bunch of calls from y’all as well! What are little things that annoy us? Jasmine, Autumn, Rachel and Michelle told us their answers.

Then Ted and Julie decided to chime in as well, here are the things that annoy them.

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