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Have you ever wondered what the weirdest law in each state is? There is a list out now that runs down what that law is in every state. Fox News posted a list of the weirdest law in all 50 states.  Some are old laws that don’t apply anymore, and the rest are rarely enforced.  Here are a few of the strangest ones that are apparently still on the books.

In the state of Indiana, you can’t catch fish with your bare hands, and you can’t use dynamite to catch them either. Another weird law is in the state of Kansas, kids over the age of 14 can’t use playgrounds, but why? Thats what I’m asking, why do these laws exist? Who came up with some of these laws? People who didn’t like fun apparently.

How about this one, in the state of Maine, you can’t gamble at the airport. Is that really that much of a problem? Apparently so! In Tennessee you can’t have a skunk for a pet, unless you have a permit. How does one acquire one of those permits?

Here are some of the weird laws in our home states right here in Kicks Country. In South Carolina, it’s illegal for a man to seduce a woman by promising to marry her if he doesn’t mean it.  You can get up to a year in jail for it. And in Georgia you can’t have chickens running around at large. So if you have chickens, better keep an eye on them.

If you’d like to see the full list of the weirdest law in each state, you can see that here.

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