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Little girls with phones in a case with pimples pop it, a trendy anti stress toy.

Y’all have got to see this adorable video of a little girl who made her dad apologize to her mom. I promise its the cutest thing you’ll see today. The first time I watched it I thought, “I bet our daughter will do this when she gets older”.

I don’t know the whole story here, but heres what I do know. Apparently the dad here gave the little girl’s mom a pat on the butt, and the little girl did NOT approve. I wish I knew the little girl’s name, but it doesn’t say what her name is. However, she gave her dad a strong talking to. She made him apologize, and promise to never do it again.

When I see videos like this it makes me hope that our daughter Maddie has this kind of personality when she gets older. I hope that Kelsey and I will be able to post videos like this throughout the years. Kelsey has a great personality and is super out going, and I’d like to think I am as well, so hopefully Maddie will get that trait from us.

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This little girl made her dad apologize to her mom, and heres the video.