Tee Gentry


Alex Murdaugh is used to living a life of luxury. A Hunting lodge, a beautiful home at the beach, hunting trips, and big vacations. Now he is alone in a small jail cell with just a sink and toilet and a small steel bed with a thin mattress. Murdaugh in jail.

Alex Murdaugh is now a number in the Department of Corrections in South Carolina. He will be at the Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center in Columbia for about 45 days for health and mental evaluation. From there, he will be assigned to a maximum security prison in South Carolina. One of the prisons he could be sent to is nearby in McCormick, SC.

His head is now clean-shaven. That’s one of the first things they do when you are brought to prison. I have read that they shave your head to prevent lice spread and, quite possibly, as a demeaning measure. This is a place where you do as you are told.

His attorneys will appeal, but either way, with all of the financial crimes, I’m sure he will never get out.

Now….he sits in a cell….and waits.