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If you have a cell phone, this has happened to you, we’re talking about auto correct fails. Technology is great, until it tries to start thinking for you! When your phone starts trying to correct you, or predicting what you’re going to type, hey phone calm down! However, this is something that all of us have dealt with at some point or another.

It might have been a text, or a Facebook comment, but its happened to all of us at some point. Cody and I had it happen recently at the Hardy show. Here is what happened to us.

I think most of the fails we deal with are because we were just texting back too quickly and didn’t proof read what we typed before we hit send. Nevertheless, it made for some great calls from y’all. Cody and I say it all of the time, y’all never let us down with your phone calls. Here are Katelyn and Terri’s auto correct fails.

It didn’t end there though, more of y’all had stories you wanted to share. These are the times that auto correct back fired on Marion and Brandy.

Not only were your calls great, but your Facebook comments were great too! If you want to see all of the comments just click on our Kicks Wake Up Krew Facebook page.

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