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Theres a new movie being filmed in Augusta! I love that more and more movies are being filmed here. According to Augusta Good News, last week part of Walton Way was shut down to film a hurricane scene at the historic Partridge Inn. So if you happened to be in the area, and you wondered what the heck was going on, now you know.

Its a “thriller” movie with a working title of “Five Star Murder”. Augusta Good News said the plot is of the movie is “When the storm bearing down on the hotel forces guests to evacuate, treasure hunters strike. However, one by one, the bodies start piling up, leaving the audience to wonder whodunit.”

I’m intrigued.

That sounds like a movie I’d check out.

Of course, over the last few years, there have been several movies filmed in Augusta. Well at least certain scenes anyway. Scenes from “The Mule” starring Clint Eastwood were filmed here a few years ago. My wife was actually a stand in in that movie. Scenes from “The Suicide Squad” were filmed at the old jail on Walton Way.

Mel Gibson shot some scenes in Downtown Augusta recently. Dennis Quaid was also here in 2021 filming a movie. The fact that Hollywood finds Augusta as cool as we all do is awesome. I hope more and more movies keep being filmed here.

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