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Thank God for doorbell cameras! I died laughing when I saw this. Mainly because I can see this being my reaction.  I am definitely one who can get scared SO easily.  That could be due to all the true crime shows and podcasts I listen to.  But this lady is leaving someone’s house when she turns around and gets spooked!  Then the woman screams at the delivery person, only because she was scared.  But the scream slowly turns to a laugh once she realizes what happened!

Watch: Woman Screams at Delivery Person

There have many times I have been scared by someone approaching unexpectedly.  In fact, almost every day, Chris O’Kelley likes to scare me when Dub and I are in studio!  He comes to the door (which I can’t see from my spot in the studio), and will hit the door.  Even though I know he’ll do it, I am never prepared.  He’s also camped out in my office and scared me too.  He’s quite the prankster!

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Gifts for True Crime Lovers

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Who doesn’t love a good true crime show? We used to watch them in secret and now our bloodlust is a shared interest! Granted it’s much more enjoyable when the story doesn’t involve you. Here are some perfect gifts for true crime fans on your list this holiday season! Trust me, you want to keep them happy.


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