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Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn recently gave us a tour of Kane Brown’s bus on Instagram. I’ve always been fascinated by artist’s tour buses. Some of them are pretty basic, and some of them are nicer than any home I’ll ever own! You can usually tell how well an artist is doing based on how tricked out their bus is. And judging by this video, Kane is doing pretty dang good.

Katelyn Brown, who sings with Kane on his latest number one song “Thank God”, pretty much lead the tour. However, Kane does show up and tell us about his favorite parts of their bus. What I love is how the bus is centered around their family. Katelyn did most of the customization of their bus, and wanted it to feel like their home in Nashville.

Katelyn said that she wanted to make sure they had enough room for their two daughters and their dogs of course. Each kid has her own bunk bed, and there’s a farmhouse sink for their one-year-old to get her bath.  There’s tons of storage, and surprisingly large closets. Also Katelyn and Kane have a customized bed and a very large bathroom.

I’m sure this is the bus we’ll see parked out back of the James Brown Arena for Music For Memories next week. By the way if you don’t have tickets for that show yet, you can get them here.

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Here’s the video tour of Kane Brown’s bus. Check it out y’all!