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What could be on Dub’s playlist this week? As you know by now, it could be anything. So earlier this morning I saw that tomorrow is George Strait’s 71st birthday. Well since we do the playlist on Wednesdays and not Thursdays, I figured I should pay tribute to King George today. So thats exactly what I’m going to do.

The only problem with paying tribute to George Strait is trying to pick just one song. The man has over 60 number one songs, and a ton of other hit songs that didn’t go number one. So which one do I choose? Can you even say that you have a favorite George Strait song when they’re all so dang good? I can say that the song I’ve chosen in one of my favorites, and always has been.

George Strait will hit you with a cowboy song here and there. He’s from Texas, he knows the culture and the lifestyle. When George sings a cowboy song, you believe him! I think this one is my favorite one. This song came out in 1996 and it was on George’s “Clear Blue Sky” album. The song that I’m adding to Dub’s playlist this week is “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”.

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Happy early birthday George, I hope y’all dig this song just as much as I do.