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A man drinks a pint of beer on November 26, 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland.

What are our favorite drunk foods in the CSRA? We’ll tell you! If you’re over the age of 21, odds are you’ve had a night of drinking. Maybe you went out with your friends, or maybe you just hung out and drank with friends at someone’s house. Whatever the situation, usually drinking leads to food! I mean you’ve got to soak up the alcohol with something right?

Well according to, someone used Google trends data to find the top “drunken munchies” in each state. Burgers, burritos, chicken wings and pizza were just a few of the foods that made the list. What were some of the favorite drunk foods for some of the other states in the South? Here’s what some of our neighbors like.

  • Tennessee- Burgers
  • Alabama- Burgers
  • North Carolina- Burgers
  • Florida- Chicken Wings

So what are our favorite drunk foods in the CSRA? According to these Google trends, in Georgia when we drink we love chicken wings. And in South Carolina, y’alls favorite drunk food is pizza. Do y’all agree with this? I’ll tell you this, I’ll get down with either one of these foods after I’ve had a few cold beverages.

Another thing this study listed was our favorite late night food stops. In America, when we drink we crave McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Waffle House. Yes, yes we do! My favorite thing to eat after a few beverages is the All-Star Special from Waffle House. Wanna see the full article about our favorite drunk foods? Just click here.

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