NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - JUNE 11: Megan Moroney performs onstage during day four of CMA Fest 2023 at the Chevy Riverfront Stage on June 11, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Megan Moroney is coming home to Georgia on November 14th at the 24th annual Kicks99 Guitar Pull! Megan is a Georgia Bulldog, and we can’t wait to have her here! We had the chance to talk to Megan about her first career choice, her hidden talent, and her new video for the song “I’m Not Pretty”. If you want to see what’s new with Megan Moroney, just click here.

If you want more info on the 2023 Kicks99 Guitar Pull, click here.

Guitar Pull artist number three is Megan Moroney!


Megan Moroney [00:00:00] Hello, This is Megan Moroney.

Cody [00:00:02] What? Megan Moroney!

Dub [00:00:04] All right.

Cody [00:00:05] Guitar Pull

Dub [00:00:06] Okay. Well, here I’m just going to say two words. Go, Dawgs.

Megan Moroney [00:00:09] Yes, go Dawgs.

Dub [00:00:11] I mean, okay, so this is awesome. I, I was hoping because, you know, last year, unfortunately, we didn’t have any females on our lineup. Now, we know that we got one of the hottest female artists in country music right now on the 2023 Kicks 99 Guitar Pull. Megan, this is so cool.

Megan Moroney [00:00:28] I can’t wait. I always love coming back to Georgia, so…

Dub [00:00:31] Yeah, well, we’re glad to have you back in Georgia. And this is really cool because over the years we’ve had, you know, some female artists who were up and coming, people like Kelsea Ballerini, Carly Pearce. Now we can add Megan Moroney to that list.

Megan Moroney [00:00:44] Amazing! Love those ladies.

Cody [00:00:46] So, Megan, I want to talk about real quick how music almost wasn’t your first path. We know you went to the University of Georgia. Again, Go Dawgs. But you started out in accounting. So how in the world did you go from accounting to music and, well, I mean, I think you’re pretty glad music worked out for you, right?

Megan Moroney [00:01:05] Yes, 100%. So I was going to be an accountant because that’s what my mom was. And I feel like that was just a pretty classic move to just do whatever your parents do. And I got to Georgia. That’s that was my major. And then I was in a sorority. To make a long story short. Chase Rice, he saw me perform at this sorority event and was like, Why don’t you open for me at the Georgia Theater next month? But the only condition is, is that you have to write a song, because at the time I wasn’t writing my own songs yet. Like I had never written a song. And so I had a month to write my first song. I was 19, and then the first legit gig I got to play was with Chase at the Georgia Theater. And the night that I played that show, I think was the night that I decided that I would not be doing anyone’s taxes as a career and I would be pursuing music.

Dub [00:01:56] I think you made the right choice.

Cody [00:01:57] I was going to say accounting versus music. I mean, those are two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Dub [00:02:02] I’ll put it this way. You ain’t going on tour with Brooks and Dunn doing taxes.

Megan Moroney [00:02:06] Yeah, Brooks and Dunn was a lot cooler than taxes, I would say.

Dub [00:02:09] 100%.

Cody [00:02:10] Absolutely.

Dub [00:02:11] So, Megan, one of the things that we read about you over the last couple of months is I always love like hearing kind of, you know, fun facts about artists. And one of the ones that I read about you is that you can do the alphabet, say the alphabet backwards.

Megan Moroney [00:02:28] I can, yes.

Dub [00:02:30] Okay. Wait a minute now. And like, I’m not going to ask you to do all of it, but can you.

Megan Moroney [00:02:40] *Sings alphabet backwards*.

Cody [00:02:42] That’s is impressive.

Dub [00:02:43] This is insane. Like. And I know that, like, there was the rumor that that was like a field sobriety test, right? Oh, you got to say the alphabet backwards. I couldn’t do that stuff if I was sober. I’d have been done thrown a seven in there on you and a four. That’s insane. How did you learn how to do that?

Megan Moroney [00:02:58] You know, I. It’s one of those things where I’m not sure where I learned or why or how, but I believe I was in maybe, like, fifth grade or something. I don’t know. I was probably, like, bored at lunch one day or something. I couldn’t tell you, but…

Dub [00:03:15] That’s insane. Megan, we cannot wait to have you at Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull this year. I mean, Tennessee Orange, huge song. This new song, I’m Not Pretty is, I mean, it’s so funny. It’s such a fun song.

Cody [00:03:26] And the video is great to know you were a co-producer on that. It was awesome.

Megan Moroney [00:03:31] Yes. Thank you.

Dub [00:03:32] How fun was that to like play yourself twice?

Megan Moroney [00:03:37] We just had the best time. Like it. The video was shot over two days and I got to have my best friends in real life in the video. So it was really did not feel like work. And it was it was really funny to, like, put a, you know, a brunette wig on and then put brown contacts in my eyes. Like I really look like a different person.

Dub [00:03:56] Did you like did you like, tell them tell them to call you something else? I’m not Megan anymore. I’m Stacy. All right.

Megan Moroney [00:04:01] Like, yeah, we all had alter egos. I can’t remember my brunette name, but the blond name was Britney.

Dub [00:04:07] Oh, well, of course.

Cody [00:04:08] Love it.

Dub [00:04:10] Well, we’ll. We’ll see. We’ll see Britney. We’ll see whoever the brunette alter ego was, and Megan Moroney. November 14th, James Brown Arena. We cannot wait. Megan, this is going to be awesome.

Megan Moroney [00:04:19] Amazing. Can’t wait to see you guys.

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