NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 12: (L-R) Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum appear at the HGTV Lodge during CMA Music Fest on June 12, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV)

Hillary Scott from Lady A called us this morning to let us know that Lady A is coming back to Augusta! This will be their first Guitar Pull appearance since 2008. We can’t wait to have Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood back to Guitar Pull. We had the chance to talk to Hillary Scott this morning. We talked about her Guitar Pull memories, New Lady A music and a lot more. Check out our conversation with her.

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Guitar Pull artist number six is Lady A!


Hillary [00:00:00] So this is Hillary Scott from Lady A! How are you?

Dub [00:00:03] Wait, hang on, hold on, hold on now. Now, wait a minute. Now, this is either one of two things. Either Hillary has ditched the boys and she’s comin’ solo or Lady A’s playing Guitar Pull for the first time since 2008. Hillary, which is it?

Hillary [00:00:18] We are coming to play the Guitar Pull for the first time since 2008.

Dub [00:00:22] Wow.

Cody [00:00:23] Oh, wow. It’s been a minute.

Dub [00:00:25] It has been a hot minute. Lady A coming home to the CSRA to play the 2023 Kicks 99 Guitar Pull. This. I’m excited.

Cody [00:00:34] I am so excited.

Hillary [00:00:35] We are too. We are too. I mean, it is you know, it is a literal homecoming for Charles and Dave, as y’all know. And it feels like an honorary one for me. I mean, it’s just it’s always such a special, special place to be in. And we always feel so welcome and we are so excited for the opportunity to come back and hang with y’all, with all the other artists that you may or may not know are on the bill.

Dub [00:00:56] Yeah, So. So you guys. So we saved y’all for last. So now we can talk about the full lineup of Jake Owen, Megan Moroney, Scotty McCreery, Corey Kent, and now you guys , and Brett Young.

Hillary [00:01:10] Yes, Yes. I mean, gosh, so many just friends. I mean, Jake Owen, we’ve been friends with Jake so long. And then also just so excited about everything that Megan is doing. Her career is just exploding. I mean, what a lineup. We are so grateful to be included. So, thank you for having us.

Dub [00:01:25] Oh, thank you guys so much for saying yes. So one of the other things we’re super excited about is Cody and I have heard some snippets of some of this new Lady A music that’s on the way, and it sounds awesome. When when’s it going to come out? Like, when are we going to be able to have it, like in our hands?

Hillary [00:01:40] Yeah. So we are in the middle of putting that whole plan together, and I can tell you that it is sooner than later. We are so excited. We’ve been kind of teasing some songs on our socials and the fans have been so incredible to give us their feedback. And so I can say that we have some, we have some dates locked in. We just aren’t at the place where we can share them yet, but it is soon. Very soon.

Dub [00:02:03] I love it, and I love the fact that on the road now, it’s a whole family affair.

Cody [00:02:07] You guys have been so, so busy on the road and add kids to that mix. I’m sure it gets a little crazy. You guys look like you had a pretty busy, busy summer. What’s it like having all the kids on the road with you guys?

Hillary [00:02:18] Well, you know what? It’s kind of. It’s so sweet how just the different seasons that they’re all in. It’s like, for me, my girls, it’s making a lot more sense for me to bring one girl out at a time just because I mean one on three, and then the five-year-old staying up too late just doesn’t really work. So it’s like for Eisele, for example, you know, my oldest, she just turned ten, and so she’s at the age where she can come out with me by herself. And so we did that over the summer and had such a great time. And then my sweet husband, Chris, we were visiting family down in Florida and we had a couple of shows down there. And on the last show of that run, he drove all three girls, three and a half hours across Florida to surprise me. I mean, it’s just been it’s been sweet. It’s having to look a little bit different just based off of what you know, where our kids are and what they need. But they’ve all been out over the summer and it’s been really sweet. And Eisele was out when Dave’s two were out, Cash and Lilly, which was awesome. And they played a lot of Mario Kart together and just had a blast. So it’s it’s good. You know, we’re just trying to really just soak them up and then also soak them up in this environment in our work that we love so much. So it’s a really sweet season.

Dub [00:03:35] I love it. And you know, earlier we talked about that this is the first time that Lady A is playing Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull since 2008. Now, on that night, a really cool thing happened. You guys and Luke Bryan finished writing a song that ended up being Luke Bryan’s very first number-one Do I. And you sang it for the first time that night. You were singing backup with Luke Bryan. How cool was that moment? To to like, see to watch that song grow and finish it at Guitar Pull and then perform it for the first time that night. What do you remember about that, Hillary?

Hillary [00:04:05] Wegoosebumpsll, you just telling that story gave me goose bumps. I mean, it was such a moment. I mean, and for that to be, you know, for Charles and Dave to have co-written that song with Luke and then him asked me to sing background on it and and then for it to be his first number one and then to think about Luke Bryan now. You know, just the trajectory of his career and how really you could you could argue in a lot of ways that that is where it started. That was the seed that was planted, that that song got such a reaction, you know, the chain reaction of that song. And then what it what it led to is just beautiful. And it obviously shows what an incredibly special place Augusta is. And this event and the Guitar Pull and and just feeling as artists the freedom to get up there and play a song we’ve never played before, you know.

Dub [00:04:54] Right. And for it to become a huge hit.

Hillary [00:04:56] Yeah. Yeah. And that’s not something you do everywhere. You know, you do that when you feel like it’s it’s a you know, a welcoming and safe group of people to try something new on.

Dub [00:05:07] There we go. And that. And that’s us. All right. Can I just say that’s us? Hillary, thank you so much for taking some time out and calling us. We cannot wait to see y’all at Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull. It’s a homecoming. Lady A is back in Kicks country.

Hillary [00:05:19] We can’t wait to be back.

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