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Annie's Inn Bed and Breakfast

Aiken is a great small town in South Carolina. As a matter of fact, it’s been named one of the best small towns in America a few times. It’s a big equestrian community and has a great downtown….and it has ghosts. Here are The Spooky Ghosts Of Aiken, South Carolina.

Yes, ghosts. Aiken has a bed and breakfast, an old post office, and a hotel known to be home to a spirit or two.

An Old Hospital

Annie’s Inn Bed and Breakfast was once a hospital and a doctor’s office. A little girl is a ghost here, and she’s been heard by guests walking the halls and calling for her mother. Guests and staff have heard her. No reservation for me, but thanks. I’ll just be over here at the Motel 6. Haunted places in Aiken, SC continue…

This Is One Spooky Post Office

Next up is the old post office in downtown Aiken. It’s a beautiful old building. Legend has it that the postmaster, a former senator, and a workman haunt it.

The Spooky Ghosts Of Aiken, South Carolina, continues with the story of a former senator who used the basement of the old post office as an exercise room. Staff have heard a ghost in the basement counting as they exercise. Also, they have felt areas in the basement that sometimes feel very cold. Human bones were also found in the basement when workers replaced an old boiler.

Then, there’s the postmaster. The postmaster’s office had a ladder that led to secret areas in the ceiling of this building. He used to climb the ladder and spy on his workers to ensure they were doing their job. People have heard screams and footsteps coming from the ceiling but have never seen anything. That’s scary.

Then there’s this guy. He was doing his job when tragedy struck.  He was on the roof of the post office doing some renovation work, slipped and fell to the street below, and of course, passed away. People have seen a person who appears to be a shadow fall from the dome of the building at night, but he never hits the ground. He disappears before that happens.

Hotel Aiken

This hotel is now closed but may not be empty. People have heard toilets flushing and screaming and have seen shadows going by windows. Room 225, where most of the weirdness came from, like the TV turning on when no one was in the room, except maybe the ghost.

Spooky, huh?! Want to check these places out? Here are the addresses, and check out the non-spooky pictures below. Wait, I think I just heard something…..

If You Dare To Go

  • The old post office is located at 203 Laurens Street SW, Aiken, SC
  • Annies Inn Bed and Breakfast address is 3083 Charleston Hwy, Aiken, SC
  • Hotel Aiken is located at 235 Richland Ave W, Aiken, SC


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