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Augusta, Beware of Gifts You Didn’t Order

Gifts you didn't order showing up on your doorstep? Scammers are always looking for new ways to con their unsuspecting victims. Now with the holidays upon us, it's not always easy to spot the scam. According to 10News, some people are receiving "gifts" that they didn't order. One woman received a package from Amazon Prime with a fancy pen inside.  She had no idea who sent it, and the return address just said "Amazon." But a few days later, another package arrived.  This package, another Amazon box, was a child's scooter. She began to get curious and reached out using the Amazon webchat. That's when she found out about "brushing" scams, and that she was possibly a victim. According to the Better Business Bureau, brushing scams occur when a third-party seller get's the address and information of a person.  They then send an inexpensive item without ordering it.  This helps boost the sellers ranking on Amazon. Unfortunately for this woman, the scammer had her personal information and could access her Amazon account.  She was billed $80 for the pen and scooter.  This led to her having to get a new credit card. Other customers have reported receiving things like socks, seeds and face masks.  They aren't always charged for the items, but it does indicate that someone could have your personal information. If this happens to you, you'll want to check your account and change your password. Stay Safe We live in a world with ever-changing technology.  This can make it easier and easier for scammers to get in and access our information.  If something looks suspicious, be careful! Keep yourself safe on Facebook with these tips! And when it comes to email, check the sender's email address.  Look for weird grammar or spelling issues.  And be careful clicking any links in emails from sources you're not familiar with!