Chris O’Kelley

Holiday Guide – Home Decor and Recipes

15 Fun and Easy Halloween Treats!

I'm sure as you are in and out of stores you can tell it's Halloween. All the neighbors have gone crazy with decorating. And their yards look like haunted houses. It's obvious it's not too far from Halloween and trick-or-treating time. And one great thing about the holiday? There's no shortage of fun and easy Halloween treats! So between now and Halloween, the kids will have parties to go to at school, church, or other kids' homes. That means, you'll need to bake something for the party.  Or, maybe you just wanna have some fun with the kid-o for Halloween or even make these for your neighbors to hand out as treats. Time in the kitchen with the kids with these simple Halloween baking ideas is more than just time in the kitchen, it is memories being made one calorie at a time. It's also time that kids are away from their phones and computers. These treats are also good if you are having folks over for a football game as well. they don't just have to be for the little kid, because there is enough kid in all of us at any age to have fun, much less fun with food! I found 15 easy-to-make and bake ideas for Halloween that you are sure to love making and am sure you will love eating as well!