Chris O’Kelley


6 New Country Artists To Watch Out For In 2024

One of the things we love to do here at Kicks 99 is bring you new music.  The next generation of country if you will.  Let's talk about the country artists to watch in 2024.  We are starting to see traditional country music make its return to the radio.  This is something I'm very happy to see.   Each new year brings a batch of new artists who are ready to set country music and fire. The Big Ones From 2023 When we did this list at the start of 2023 it featured some names of people who did have a good 2023 and did big things in country music. Nate Smith Warren Zeiders Hailey Whiters Megan Moroney Bailey Zimmerman Nate Smith had 2 number one songs.  Warren Zeiders made his Opry Debut, had 1.4 billion TikTok Streams and 895 million streams of his music.  Hailey Whiters had a number one song with "Every Thing She Ain't.” Megan Moroney hit the chart with "Tennessee Orange.” It peaked at Number 4 on the charts and was nominated for the CMA's Song of The Year and she played the Kicks 99 Guitar Pull.  Bailey had 3 number one songs and spent the year on the road with Morgan Wallen. The artists you are about to meet, I think will do big things in country music this year.  Now the year is long and we will be hearing from even more new artists as the year goes on.  I hope you enjoy these new country artists and once you listen to them, do some deep diving and learn more about these future stars.  So here we go with the country artists to watch in 2024.

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