Chris O’Kelley


These 5 Light And Easy Dishes Will Help You Keep The Stove Off This Summer

Summer is the worst time of the year to cook. Light and easy summer recipes are perfect for not having to turn on the stove and will keep the temperature in the house down. It's also a reason to not have to go out and eat and spend money. Not only are light and easy summer recipes good for home, but they are great for work events, cook outs and reunions. Another benefit to a these meals and sides are that they are healthy as well Light And Easy Summer Recipes Are Easy To Make Also When it comes to these easy to fix meals and sides, you probably keep a lot of the items at home already and if not, they are easy to find the items in the stores. Also, these recipes can be tweaked to your liking or your picky families liking also. One light and easy recipes that I've come across lately is a grape salad. I had never tried it and honestly turned my noise up to it because it just didn't sound good. This is me now saying, Boy was I wrong. I make this at home for me to eat on for a few days at a time. If I don't have the stuff hat home, my favorite restaurant to get a great grape salad is Chicken Salad Chick. This is the latest grape salad that I made for the 4th gathering I attended. So easy and light and refreshing. So To Keep The Kitchen Cool This Summer Here Are Some Ideas There are tons of great side items and meals with light and easy summer recipes but here are 5 that I found and few that I make on a regular basis for dinner at night or for gatherings or summer gatherings. By the time you get home from work the house is hot and the last thing you wanna do is have to crank the oven and make it hotter.

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