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Jenny Bender is a trivia WIZ! Listen every morning at 7am and call in to to the KICKS Wakeup Krew. They’ll hit you and Jenny with a few questions and if you get more questions right than Jenny, you could win the money pot for the day. If not, the money multiplies the next day. Can you beat Jenny?



  • How to enter: Listen- on air and call
  • Dates of contest: April 1,2019- October 3, 2019
  • How winner is being selected: Caller # 9 will have a chance and MUST BEAT JENNY
  • When the winner is being selected: Upon beating Jenny
  • How many times a person can enter: 1 per day
  • Age of entrants: 18+
  • How many winners are being selected: up to 154
  • What the prize is: $25 a day. If caller does not beat Jenny, the cash prize goes up by $25 each day until a winner beats Jenny. Cash prize will max out at $500/month
  • What the prize value is: $25-$500
  • Who is providing the prize: Kicks 99
  • Station: Kicks 99
  • General Contest Rules apply and are available at