Cash Found Something In His Air BNB That Freaked Him Out SO Badly That He Didn't Even Stay ONE NIGHT

People pay good money to stay in an Air BNB, but Cash didn't even give it one night after making a pretty gross discovery in his room.

Cash feels betrayed by Dub after Dub didn't disclose the fact that one of Kelsey's closest friends is also his EX-girlfriend...weird or nah?

Jenny & Kelsey attended their first barre workout last night and didn't think they'd make it out alive.

Jenny shares a totally awkward moment of getting hit on by one of the guys putting a new air conditioning unit in here at the radio station, and it looks like she's not the only one with awkward hit on stories!

Wednesdays mean a chance to let off some steam with Can You Not, and boy did we all have some shade to throw today!

Also, we recapped some of your long distance relationship advice for Cash & his girlfriend, Mimi, but if he takes some of y'all's advice, he'll end up getting arrested.