Cash Has A Big (And Expensive) Decision To Make, And Needs Your Advice

What do you do when your girlfriend is receiving one of the biggest honors of her career and wants you to be with her when she accepts it...BUT, it's in Vegas and costs a lot of money that you don't really need to be spending right now? That's Cash's dilemma and it's today's Call the Krew question!

Lots of reasons to look forward to this weekend in TGIF Because Why; plus, a debate on the difference between a living room and a den, because apparently, it matters.

Is Chris Bender getting taller or is Jenny getting shorter? Dub discovers some scientific evidence that Chris may have hit a growth spurt at 36 years old.

WHY is Jenny mad at Jake Owen today? The answer's in the Nashville 411; plus, we CANNOT believe what Cash confessed to on Liar Liar today (hint: it's pretty gross.)