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Cheap Toilet Paper Download

12:22 Download January 28th

Dub has been banned from snack shopping because he only gets junk food, but now Kelsey has been banned from toilet paper shopping because she doesn’t buy the good stuff.

The price of Netflix is going up, while the price of Hulu is going down, but neither concerns Dub, because he’s freeloading off of other people for both.

Chris Stapleton’s wife is experiencing some wild pregnancy cravings, like vinegar and cheese–and  that sounded really weird, until we heard from some of you about what your weird pregnancy cravings were.

The Office is one of Netflix’s most popular streaming shows, and now it has officially saved a life!

Jenny gets you up to speed with what’s new in country music with the Nashvill 411, Dub explains why Kelsey has a bunch of scratches all over her face, and Cash is so excited to finally close on his new house today!

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