Confession: We Love Kid Snacks, And Apparently We're Not Alone On This

As adults, we've all got certain "kid" snacks that tempt us, right? We talked about it this morning, and now we're all craving Lunchables, Kool Aid Jammers & Snack Pack Puddin' cups for lunch.

Sleeping with fans on during the winter: is this a thing in your house?

Thomas Rhett says he wants to have a side gig, but wants it to be more unique than just opening up a bar. So, we have an idea for him!

Dub & Cash are pretty upset about Valentine's Day this year, because a certain candy will not be on shelves for the first time in nearly 100 years.

Speaking of Dub & Cash...since Jenny & Kelsey worked out on Tuesday night, the guys decided to do a workout of their own.