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Dub Is Not Happy With What Kelsey Brought Back From Her Parents’ House In Florida Download

20:26 Download July 30th, 2019

Dub’s fiance, Kelsey, visited her parents in Florida over the weekend, and when Dub saw what she brought back, he FLIPPED—and not in a good way.

All three of us were completely underwhelmed by the series finale of Big Little Lies, so today’s Call the Krew question wants to know: what has been the most disappointing series finale ever of a t.v. show?

Yesterday, we talked about the massive online debate about whether or not to change the observance of Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in November *ICYMI, you can hear the entire convo on yesterday’s podcast here:

Now, Snickers is taking sides on the issue—and offering an UNBELIEVABLE incentive for people to sign the official petition (, so if people weren’t convinced before that changing the date of Halloween is a good idea, this should change their minds!

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