Dub & Kelsey Eloping This Weekend?!?!?

For those who like to be in their feelings on Valentine's Day, we recap a fun day of surprises yesterday with Krew Loves You...we delivered roses & spa gift cards to some very deserving listeners who were nominated by you!

For the jilted lovers, we didn't forget about you! A zoo in El Paso is letting people name a cockroach after their ex--and then feed said cockroaches to meerkats. Now, we don't have actual roaches here, BUT we can let you call us and tell everyone on the radio who you'd name a cockroach after!

Augusta has made a not-so-prestigious list: the unhealthiest U.S. cities to live in. We're shocked! *heads to Boll Weevil & has cake for lunch*

Cash, Jenny & Dub share secrets of Valentine's Days past in today's edition of "Liar Liar,"...and will Dub come back to work on Monday as a married man??