Jenny Gets More Jail Mail...And Her Prison PENpal (See What We Did There?) Is NOT Happy With Her!

Jenny's apparently got some kind of magnet that attracts prison inmates, and often gets letters from gentlemen in the graybar hotel. One perp in particular has written several letters in the last couple of months, and had a request for Jenny in his most recent correspondence. She failed to comply, and now he has written another letter--and he is NOT happy!

Mondays mean Mike's Mystery Box, and Jenny thought she was prepared for the worst--but NOTHING could have prepared her for this morning's disgustingness.

Dub & Kelsey took their new puppy, Lola, on her first vacation last week, and Dub is realizing all of the ways that having a puppy is exactly like having a baby.

We talk more pool ettiquette today: we've already concluded that shaving your legs in the pool is gross, but what about wearing SOCKS in the pool? Gross or just weird?

Jenny is pretty handy in the kitchen, but over the weekend she discovered that she isn't very good at making one of THE easiest dishes on the face of the earth.

In our good news story of the day, we spotlight Columbia County Officer Andy Shedd, who has been accepted into a very prestigious law enforcement training program...congratulations, Andy!