Meet Our Newest Member, Sean Cash!

Big day today on the show! We're excited to welcome our new member, Sean Cash! Sean did an excellent job today, and we had SO much fun introducing him to all of you!

Of course, whenever there's someone new in town, you have a list of things to do & see, and that's where you helped us out this morning. Let's hope Cash brought an appetite with him to Kicks Country, because y'all have given him an epic list of local eats he needs to experience!

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...Netflix is 'bout to go up (again), so you better alert whoever is paying for the account that you're piggybacking off of.

Bad news for Dub today: his fancy new earbuds--excuse me, AIRPODS--got his man card revoked today, and Cash participated in his first-ever episode of Can You Not.