Netflix Alters The Ending Of One Of The Most Iconic Movies, And People Are NOT Happy About It

Some Netflix users were livid with the streaming service when the ending of the Notebook was altered in a MAJOR way; what kind of world are we even living in???

Jenny has been super dedicated to a healthy lifestyle since having weight loss surgery in November, and she has just decided to tackle one of the most physically demanding races in the CSRA. #PrayForJenny

Dub has discovered an article of clothing that is a game changer in so many ways...also we'd like to get one before tomorrow's 10K $elfie Stop at Vinny's Pizzeria in North Augusta.

Miranda Lambert gets nasty with reporters and the next episode of CMT Crossroads has us fired up, all in today's Nashville 411; plus, was one of us almost a Gerber baby? Find out the truth in today's round of Liar Liar.

 Dub needed some advice in a moral dilemma involving getting too much change yesterday at the grocery store, and Cash shares plans on where to take his parents when they come visit Augusta for the first time.