Shows We Weren't Allowed To Watch As Kids

None of us were allowed to watch Beavis & Butthead, and the Simpsons was pushing it, but...Arthur?! Some of the shows off-limits is a little ridiculous...

The Wake Up Krew and our main squeezes went to an escape room on Friday night, and if it was up to the three of us, we'd probably still be trying to get out.

Why is Cash's girlfriend, Mimi, terrified of him when he gets home? 

Daylight Savings time is kicking our butts today, but there IS something special to celebrate today: National Nap Day.

Sara Evans has started a new band with her kids; find out when their album will be out in the Nashville 411.

And, did one of us REALLY fall asleep during a New Kids On The Block Concert? Find out who's fibbing in Liar Liar!