THIS Is Exactly Why You Should Adopt, Don't Shop

It's Monday of Golf Week, and it's also the Wake Up Krew's first time back together in almost a week, with Mike back from having the flu. Don't get us wrong: having the flu sucks, BUT, Jenny has found a silver lining and now she wants to borrow some flu germs.

Speaking of the flu, Mike has discovered one of his friends suffering from Facebook Flu: [noun] a condition in which one does not actually have the flu, but they pretend to, in an effort to one-up people who actually DO have the flu; also an attempt to fish for get-well wishes on social media.

Jenny had to stick her hands back into Mike's Mystery Box today, and redeemed herself after last week's freakout, which we're still laughing about; we check the voicemails on the Loser Line, which you KNOW is going to be working overtime this week with all of the golf fans in town; and Jenny had her guard up all day yesterday, but STILL managed to fall for one of the most epic (and cruel) April Fool's Jokes ever.