Tee Gentry


Looks like we’re getting closer to Augusta’s new pedestrian bridge opening up. At one point I heard the 5th Street Bridge would be completed by Masters 2022, that didn’t happen, of course. Now I am hearing it could be open in time for the Ironman 70.3 – Augusta, which is on September 22nd.  We could watch the swimming portion from the bridge which would be pretty cool.

The 11-million-dollar project has been delayed because of supply chain issues. I spoke to a worker on the bridge a week ago while taking some pictures and he feels pretty good about it opening soon. He was just touching up a few things to get ready for the opening.

There is lighting on the underside of the bridge that will change colors based on holidays, events, etc. I was actually pretty impressed when I checked it out. I could imagine a small acoustic concert on the South Carolina side of the bridge and people enjoying the view. It also has shaded canopies and nice plants along the bridge as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Leaders in North Augusta say they have no plans to expand the greeneway or any development plans for their side of the Fifth Street bridge right now. Hopefully, that can happen in the future. Currently, the bridge ends on the South Carolina side. Nothing there now except the current road.

We’ll see how the community responds to this new addition to the city. Some are calling it the bridge to nowhere and I’ve heard many who are excited to be able to walk on it and enjoy the views.

What do you think about it?