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It went great! She loved Santa! And by loved him, I mean she didn't cry, which is a win!

Baby Maddie met Santa! We knew it would happen at some point this year, but we didn’t know when or where. Well those questions were answered. The time would be last night, and the place would be Lights Of The South in Grovetown. Jess and I were going there to shoot a video, and I asked if Kelsey wanted to come and bring Maddie. Of course she did! Kelsey loves it at Lights Of The South!

We weren’t sure if Santa would be there last night or not, I mean he is pretty busy this time of year. But Kelsey put Maddie in an adorable outfit just in case the big guy was there. We got to Lights Of The South and asked if Santa was there, he was! This was about to happen, but how would it go down? Would Maddie be cool with it? Would she cry? We didn’t know.

She’s almost 11 weeks old, this could go really well, or it could go south really quickly. Maddie was sleeping when we walked into Santa’s house, we had to wake her up. Usually at home this doesn’t go well unless there’s a bottle waiting. But thankfully she was into it! Baby Maddie loved Santa! She let him hold her for a good while. She didn’t cry, she didn’t get fussy, it was awesome!

Check that one off the list. Baby Maddie met Santa. This will be the first time of many I’m sure. If you want to head out to Lights Of The South and see Santa and all of the awesome stuff out there, you can get more info here.

If you want to see a little more of the cuteness that is Baby Maddie, check this out.

Here are some of the pictures from last night at Lights Of The South.