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I don't know what happened as this picture was being taken, but I love it! This is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Want to see some of Baby Maddie’s Funny Faces? I thought you might say yes. Well get ready, the cuteness is coming. Our daughter is now two months old, and we’ve seen so much over these last eight weeks. My wife and I have seen her grow, and go through different phases. We’ve seen a lot of different facial expressions, and they keep coming every single day.

Kelsey and I have learned to always have our phones ready. You never know when you’ll catch a big smile or a funny facial expression that just makes you laugh out loud. Thankfully our phones were readily accessible, and we were able to catch these pics. If you want to check out pics from Baby Maddie’s first month, you can see those here.

Also if you’d like to see more of Baby Maddie’s many facial expressions, just click here.

And if you want to see some more hilarious baby facial expressions, check these out.

Our daughter has really blessed our lives. There are some days and nights where she won’t stop screaming, and we don’t get a lot of sleep. However, when we see her smiling, laughing, and making funny faces, it’s all worth it.

Here are some more of Baby Maddie’s Funny Faces.