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Morgan Wallen came by to visit us on his radio tour in 2016. Now he's the biggest star in country music. I think it's time he paid us another visit here in Augusta though

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of the biggest stars in country music before they were superstars. A lot of times record companies will do what they call “radio tours”. Thats where they bring new artists around to radio stations to meet the staff and introduce them and play their new music.

Sometimes those artists never get heard from again, but sometimes they become the biggest stars in country music. I can remember a day in the summer of 2016 when a long haired guy named Morgan Wallen came into our conference room. He had a horrible sunburn from playing golf the day before. He played us a few songs, including his first big hit “Whiskey Glasses”. That was the last time Morgan has been to Augusta, I think its about time he came back.

Another cool story I remember is Music For Memories 2016. Easton Corbin was the headliner, and we were looking for someone to open the show. There was a guy who was making some noise online with his YouTube videos. We thought this guy has a buzz around him, let’s see if we can get him to open the show. That guy was Kane Brown! Now this year he’s headlining Music For Memories at the James Brown Arena, and I’m sure it will be sold out!

I remember Luke Bryan opening up “A Day In The Country” back in 2007, he was the first artist on stage that day. Another time I can remember Taylor Swift opening up for Brad Paisley. She was the first artist on stage that night.

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It’s been really cool to have experiences with these artists before they were superstars, here are some pictures.