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August 18, 1965. The only time The Beatles performed in Georgia, and these are actual tickets from that show!

A full collection of vintage Beatles trading cards! How cool is that?! So the other day on the show, Jess and I were talking about things we collected because we thought they were going to be worth money one day. We took phone calls from some listeners, and one of the listeners that called us was Taffy from Aiken. Taffy said she had a full collection of vintage Beatles trading cards from the 1960s and her actual ticket stubs from seeing The Beatles in Atlanta. We thought that was so cool, and we told Taffy how cool we thought her collection was. She called us back later and asked if we’d like to see her card collection and we said “heck yeah we would!” So Taffy came by to see us and showed us the full album featuring four different sets of Beatles trading cards. They were in amazing shape. The color on them was great, they weren’t bent or crinkled, they were awesome! Taffy told us about how she’d trade the cards with her friends back in the day, and the coolest thing she showed us were her original tickets from seeing The Beatles when she was 13! I did some googling and the date of the show was August 18, 1965. It was the only time The Beatles ever played in Georgia and our new friend Taffy was there that night! I’ve always been fascinated by vintage rock memorabilia, and I told Taffy how awesome I thought her collection was.  Of course we asked Taffy what her collection was worth, because we imagined that a collection like this would be worth maybe thousands of dollars. Taffy said she had no idea what it was actually worth, because to her in was priceless. I couldn’t take pictures of all of the cards because there were so many, but here are a few.