Cody on Kicks

So many great songs from a legendary country group!

Are you ready for Cody’s Weekend Review?  Let me start off by saying… I am TIRED!  You have to understand, I typically go to bed by 8 p.m. most nights! Between a remote on Thursday night, then Shenandoah on Friday, and Ashley McBryde on Saturday… my sleep schedule got REALLY off! But I will say– it was totally worth it!


First, let’s start with Friday.  I was honored to have the opportunity to emcee the Shenandoah concert!  It’s always nerve-wracking when I get on stage… but also exhilarating! Most of the time, once I’m off stage, I have NO idea what I said on stage.  Anyway, up first we had a South Georgia-based group, Few Miles South.  While I didn’t get to hear a lot of their set, the little I heard was great!

Next, I got to introduce our well-known local band, Whiskey Run!  These guys are so much fun!  I have had the privilege of introducing them on stage a few times, and always enjoy when I get the chance.  They put on a heck of a show and had the crowd really revved up and ready for the headliner.

Then, it was Shenandoah.  If I’m being 100% honest, I knew the band name, and I knew some of their songs– but if you’d asked me to name a Shenandoah song, I couldn’t have thought of one off the top of my head! But before the show, I looked online and it brought back SO many memories.  I knew SO many of their songs.  So I was really excited to hear those songs live.  And they put on a fantastic show!  To me, it sounded just like they did on the radio back when I was a kid!  The crowd really seemed to be enjoying it too.  Everyone was singing along!  I will say, there’s such a special place in my heart for 90s country!  So nostalgic for me!

Ashley McBryde

Now let’s get to Saturday! My fiancé wasn’t able to make it out on Friday, but he did come with me to see Ashley McBryde.  We’ve seen her before… but it’s been a while!  We really enjoy her music, and were excited to see her live.  Pillbox Patti opened for her.  We had NO idea who Pillbox Patti was, but she put on a pretty good show.  But I will say, we were ready for Ashley!  And she did NOT disappoint! Of course she played most of her songs you’ve probably heard on Kicks 99.  Probably my favorite is “Girl Going Nowhere.”  Only because as a girl from a small town, with big dreams, I can relate to the song so much.  Many thought my dreams were never going to happen.  But I’d say, I’m doing pretty well! 🙂

Ashley also played some new songs I hadn’t heard, but really enjoyed.  She sang one that she wrote with John Osborne, which was really cool.  And she also did a duet with Pillbox Patti to a song called, “Brenda Put Your Bra On.” That song is HILARIOUS! And catchy!

Cody’s Weekend Review

Overall, I had a great weekend.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to ONE, much less… TWO concerts in one weekend.  And while I’m currently on the struggle bus trying to stay awake… it was worth it.  Two great shows.  Two very different feels.  But both were excellent in their own way!

I spent most of the day Sunday just relaxing and preparing for another work week!  And of course, enjoying lots of time with my fur babies.

Enjoy a few photos I snapped at the concerts this weekend!