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When you're a big boy like Bo, small sticks just won't get the job done!

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages from people telling me how for the first time ever a Bloodhound named “Trumpet” won Best In Show at the Westminster Dog Show. People have been sending me these messages because they know that my wife and I are the proud parents of a bloodhound named “Bo”. It makes me happy that a Bloodhound has finally done it, reached the mountain top, however it was the wrong Bloodhound! Yeah I said it! “Bo” would’ve beat out “Trumpet” every day of the week! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for “Trumpet” and his parents. But when I saw his pictures online I thought to myself, “Now he’s handsome, but not as handsome as “Bo”. Maybe I’m being biased, but you can decide for yourself. Here are some of “Bo’s Greatest Hits”, well his best pictures at least. Check these out and then tell me you wouldn’t have voted him Best In Show instead of ol’ “Trumpet”.