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Today is National Vinyl Records Day. I’ve been collecting vinyl records for years and I’d say my collection is pretty vast and definitely eclectic. I love all kinds of music, so I’ve collected all kinds of vinyl. I started collecting vinyl records around 2012. When 2nd and Charles opened up in the old Books A Million building on Washington Rd I went in to check it out. I loved everything about that store. They had books, CDs, DVDs, and yep even vinyl records. Looking through the bins and bins of vinyl I got hooked. I asked for a record player for Christmas that year and started collecting right after.

I’ll never forget hooking up my record player and playing the first vinyl record I could find, one of my mom’s original Beatles albums. The first time I ever listened to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was on vinyl, and it sounded amazing! Vinyl has a totally different sound, something you don’t get on CD or mp3. I spent that whole Christmas night going through my moms old records and playing them all. I knew I had to build my collection, and I did!

Every week I was at 2nd and Charles, and at a store called Psychotronic Records in Downtown Augusta  looking for new records. Any antique stores or flea markets I’d go to, I was looking for vinyl. I was getting a little bit of everything. I was getting country, I was getting soul, I was getting rock. New stuff, old stuff, I was getting all of the vinyl I could get. I even bought a portable record player for my office at the station so I could listen to my records while I was working.

While I  don’t buy a lot of vinyl anymore because I have pretty much everything I want, but there are still a few things out there I’m looking for, and if I pass by a place selling vinyl records I’ll still flip through them to see if they have this last few records I’m trying to find. Here are some of my favorite records out of my collection.