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Dub’s Throwback Thursday 90s celebrities is what we’re doing today. Every week I give you a Throwback Thursday pic of the week, well this week I’m giving you three! During my twenty years here at Kicks99 and Beasley Media, I’ve been blessed enough to meet quite a few celebrities. Most of them have been country stars, and that’s been super cool. However when I get to meet some of the celebrities I grew up watch on TV and in movies, that’s really cool

The celebrities I’m including are John Stamos, Dustin Diamond and Pauly Shore. Of course you know John Stamos as Uncle Jesse from “Full House”. You’ll remember Dustin Diamond as Screech from “Saved By The Bell” and Pauly Shore was in pretty much every comedy movie in the early and mid 90s. The stories behind the pictures are pretty cool.

John Stamos

I had the chance to meet John Stamos at The Bell Auditorium before he played drums with The Beach Boys. He was a really cool guy, and honestly a dang good drummer.

Dustin Diamond

As for Dustin Diamond, I introduced him on stage at The Country Club back in the day. Dustin was doing a stand up comedy tour stop there. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, but honestly he was a really cool guy.

Pauly Shore

Then there was Pauly Shore. Like Dustin Diamond, Pauly was doing a stand up comedy show at The Country Club, and he came by to promote the show on our sister station HD 98.3. All I can say was, what you see in movies and on TV from Pauly Shore, that’s how he is. I always tell people, he was on “Planet Pauly”.

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