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We took this picture of Bo the day we got him.

We’ve had four years with Bo The Bloodhound! He’s our big guy. We don’t know what Bo’s actual birthday is, so we just celebrate his “Gotcha Day”, which was today back in 2019. It’s been a great four years, minus all of the slobber that we’ve had to clean off the walls over the years. Just kidding, we don’t mind, we call it his “artwork”.

Back in late 2018, my wife Kelsey started talking about wanting another Bloodhound. She’d had two growing up and wanted another one. Well in January of 2019 she was talking to a co-worker who knew someone who was rehoming a Bloodhound for a friend. We drove out to Wilkes County and met Boudreaux (that was his name at the time).

He was so sweet. We went back the next weekend with our other dog Lola. They met and got along great so we took Boudreaux home, and quickly changed his name to Bo.

It took him a while to get used to us. He’d been a country outside dog. He didn’t know what to do with dog treats, or a dog bed. He wasn’t sure about dog toys either, but he took to being spoiled pretty quick. We love Bo’s big bark, sometimes it scares our neighbors at first though. Kelsey and I love it when he comes to us and wants to be loved on. I’m not going to lie, that took him a while.

He loves running in the backyard, and laying in the dirt. Bo is a big fan of his tennis balls and his peanut butter bones. He is a big fan of his walks, and everyone loves to see him.

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