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The Kicks Wake Up Krew

I told you, they love watching the dancing fruit videos on YouTube.

Oh you know just a baby and her dogs, nothing to see here. Actually theres plenty to see. There’s plenty of cuteness for your first work day of 2023. Baby Maddie is 14 weeks old now, and all 14 of those weeks have been spent around our dogs Bo and Lola. Bo is a 7 year old bloodhound and Lola is a 5 year old yellow lab mix.

Kelsey and I have always had dogs growing up. We said our home will always have dogs in it. I’m not going to lie at first we were a little nervous, I’m sure just like any parent who has dogs as well. How will the baby be around the dogs? How will the dogs be around the baby? Will everything be ok? I can tell you, in our house, everyone loves everyone.

Maddie loves Bo and Lola and they love her right back. They’ve been great with her. They don’t try to get all over her, they just want to be near her. When Maddie is in her playpen, Lola is always right there, she just wants to get in there and play soooo bad. If Maddie is crying upstairs in her room, which usually happens when she’s fighting a nap, Lola is right outside her door.

Bo loves sitting by Maddie while she’s in her chair watching her dancing fruit videos on YouTube. Kelsey and I can’t wait for Maddie to get a little older where she can actually go out and play with the dogs, and they can really play with her.

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Enjoy these pictures of a baby and her dogs.

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