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I've got a bottle waiting!

Merry Christmas from Baby Maddie! A couple of weeks ago, Kelsey, Baby Maddie and me did a Christmas photo shoot, these are some of the pictures that came out of that photo shoot. First, let me give you a little back story before you check out the pictures.

We were so nervous getting Maddie dressed before the shoot that day. The pictures were being taken in Hephzibah. We live in Grovtown. That’s about a 25-30 minute drive, a lot can happen to her Christmas outfit in 30 minutes. Thankfully we made it with the outfit in tact. The outfit was fine, but we had another problem at this point, Maddie had fallen asleep.

I think I should mention that this was a mini shoot, which means they only last about 20 minutes. There isn’t a lot of time to spare here. Usually when Maddie wakes up, within 10 minutes she’s going to want a bottle. We had a bottle ready, thank goodness. We got Maddie ready and started giving her the bottle while we waited for our turn.

Here comes another problem. We’ve started giving her the bottle, but we can’t let her finish it before pictures. When Maddie starts a bottle and you have to keep taking breaks, she’s not a happy camper. Thankfully a friend of ours was in town that weekend and with us. She would give Maddie a few sips of the bottle and then we’d snap some pictures, and then repeat the process.

It wasn’t an easy photo shoot, and these aren’t the finished pictures. These are some that we took ourselves that day, but you’ll still get the full effect of the Christmas cuteness!

If you want to check out some pictures of when Baby Maddie met Santa, just click here.

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Merry Christmas from Baby Maddie!