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I never actually worked at Waffle House, but they made me a name tag when we did the Waffle House Tour back in 2019.

Wanna see some random stuff on Dub’s desk? It’s crazy how much stuff you accumulate when you’ve been somewhere for 20 years. If you walk past my desk, who knows what you might see. I definitely think my desk is one of those that make people stop and look. Especially people who have never been in our office before.

There are vinyl records and passes of all different kinds. You’ll find autographed pictures and old Guitar Pull posters. I’ve got random hats and pictures of my family. There is actual office stuff too like pens, envelopes, and notepads as well.

I used to have an actual office years ago. I was the promotions director for seven years, but then when I went back on the radio full time I got moved to a desk. It was smaller, but when I moved in I took out the wall and made it a double wide desk. A lot of stuff got thrown away in the move, but there’s still plenty of random stuff to look at still.

There is a cowboy hat and a ticket stub autographed by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in my double wide desk. I’ve got a collection of Elvis Pez dispensers on my desk. Of course there isn’t any candy in them, I ate that a long time ago.

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Here is some of the random stuff on Dub’s desk.