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Technology is nuts! We can already see our daughter's face! What??!!

Yesterday we went for another appointment and got to see our baby girl Madelyn again. It’s been about a month since the last time we got to see her, so we were super excited to see how much she’s grown. We had to have another anatomy scan done because, if you’ll remember, on the last one she refused to uncross her legs and they couldn’t get a good view of some of her organs. This time she was more cooperative. They got a good look at most every thing they couldn’t see on the first scan, but she was being stubborn again and wouldn’t give the technician a good look at her right hand. I’m learning already that when she doesn’t want to do something she’s not going to do it! I guess I’ll start preparing for that now. Everything was good though, we 100% confirmed that we’re having a girl! She’s already practicing breathing, which they were really happy with. She weighs almost 2 pounds, which is right on point for where she should be right now. We got more looks at her brain, her heart, her arms, her legs, her feet, and even her face! Technology is insane! I’ve seen my daughter’s heart and brain! Here are some pictures we got from the scan yesterday, we got a lot more, but these were our favorites and I think you’ll see why!