The holiday party season is a time for celebrating with family and friends. But it can also get hectic with all the preparations and gatherings. Our to-do lists seem to grow faster than we can check items off. But one thing you definitely don’t want to overlook is the activities and games for holiday parties. It’s a surefire way to keep the fun going and create lasting memories.

A good party game can amplify the excitement, break the ice, and bring people together. Whether you’re planning to enjoy some holiday-themed games with your family or looking for ideas for a lively Christmas gathering with friends, our list of Christmas games for adults has got you covered.

Breaking the ice and building connections with holiday games and activities.

A well-chosen party game can really make the party special. Some would even say it’s better than mingling with a glass of wine or a cold beer. These games are not just about the competition. They’re about creating an atmosphere of fun and togetherness.

There are plenty of games to choose from. These include activities suitable for a work party or an office setting, as well as those tailor-made for relaxed get-togethers with close friends or competitive showdowns with your family. You can put your knowledge of Christmas movies and songs to the test. Perhaps challenge your friends with trivia. The holiday season is all about celebrating, and these games are a fantastic way to infuse the spirit of merriment into any gathering.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good idea to have a repertoire of fun and engaging activities. These will help make the most of your get-togethers. Whether you’re looking to create cherished memories with family or enjoy some friendly competition with friends, these games are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to your holiday celebrations.

Check out these perfect games and activities for a holiday party.

  • Name That Holiday Song

    All you need is someone with a phone full of great Christmas songs, ready to play DJ. See who can guess the festive songs first after hearing just a few notes. It’s a laid-back way to enjoy some post-meal fun.

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  • Never Have I Ever Holiday Edition

    Give this timeless game a festive twist by asking questions like, “I’ve never regifted a present,” and find out what secrets your friends and family may be hiding. You can stick to the traditional rules where those who’ve committed the act take a sip of their beverage, or you can opt for a point-based system, with the winner receiving a holiday surprise as their reward.

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  • Present Stacking

    Here’s a game that allows you to unleash your creativity. Wrap a selection of uniquely shaped objects, and the challenge is to see who can build the tallest stack of presents. Using fragile items in this game should be avoided for obvious reasons.

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  • Christmas Carol Challenge

    Here’s a straightforward, no-fuss game that’s perfect a cozy home get-together or an office party. Gather everyone in a circle, and the game begins with one person singing a line from a holiday song. The person to their right then must continue with the next line of the song, and so on. You can choose from timeless classics like Jingle Bells or opt for a more contemporary holiday hit like Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You. While you might know the opening lines of these songs, it becomes quite a challenge as the game progresses.

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  • Best/Worst Gift

    Distribute four slips of paper to each participant. Every guest is tasked with jotting down two positive Christmas gifts and two negative ones: one from their real experiences and one fabricated. Collect all the slips in a container and let the group take turns guessing which presents were genuinely given and which were made up.

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  • Saran Wrap Ball Game

    Make a big plastic wrap ball stuffed with little gifts like mini liquor bottles, gift cards, candy, and cash. One person starts by unwrapping it, while someone else takes the dice and tries to roll doubles. The twist is that you can’t stop unwrapping until your neighbor rolls those elusive doubles, so the pressure’s on to keep the ball moving.  Players get to keep all the goodies they uncover during their turn, so everyone’s in for some prizes. You can make it more challenging by requiring the person unwrapping to wear oven mitts.

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  • Celebrity

    Here’s a fun party game you can enjoy with friends or family anytime, anywhere. You split into two teams, and each player writes down 5 celebrity names on pieces of paper. You take turns being the clue-giver. In round one, the clue-giver describes the celebrity without saying their name or nickname, and the team guesses. In round two, you can only use one word as a clue. Round three is like Charades, where you act out the celebrity without speaking. Keep score to see which team guesses the most celebrities correctly. It’s a great game for any gathering.

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