Tee Gentry


Today is my first day back to work after vacation. I forgot my laptop and had to drive back home to get it. I had to get up early and the usual stuff you do if you have a job….like be responsible…Ha! I’m feeling sluggish and have some post-vacation blues. Is that normal? Yep. Here are some ways to get over it if it happens to you.

Get Over The Vacation Blues!

Now, I’m gonna have a margarita for lunch while you check out a few of my vacation pics!

  • Headed out!

    Road Trip!

  • The Beach!

    The beach!

  • Great seat at the tiki bar

  • County park at the beach


  • View from the room


  • Love this ocean front bar!

    Great ocean front bar

  • Gotta stop at Lost Dog Cafe for breakfast before leaving


  • The edge of America

    The edge of America

  • One last shot before leaving the island