Tee Gentry


Country Star’s Pre-Show Rituals.

Have you ever wondered about country stars’ pre-show rituals? We all get nervous at times. Before an important meeting, job interview, etc. Now, imagine walking out in front of thousands of people a few times a week. Some of your favorites you hear on KICKS 99 tell us what their pre-show rituals are….and there seems to be a common theme they practice.  It takes a lot to put on a big concert!



  • Dierks Bentley and Duck Tape

    Dierks Bentley
    Dierks says he tapes his boots up with duck tape before each show because his favorite stage boots are a really old pair that requires this to keep them tight on his feet. True story.

    Also, he says he and his band say a prayer and thank God for their blessings and for the fans that come to his shows. He then has a special drink.

  • Tim McGraw Gets Pumped Up

    Tim McGrawYears ago, Tim was a drinker, but now before a show, he has a good workout.

  • Eric Church is a Jack Fan

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsJack is always his go-to before he goes on stage.And, yes, we were both having a pre-show ritual here. HA!

  • Garth Stays Busy

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsGarth doesn’t like to get ready too early and wait. He likes to stay busy right up until he hits the stage.

  • Kip Moore Knows Jack

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsA quick couple of shots of Jack Daniels before he walks out to sing for us.

  • Miranda and Wanda

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsMiranda says she’s really close with her band so they always hang out in Wanda, her Airstream, before the show. They also do a prayer before taking the stage.

  • Luke Bryan and a Buzz

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsLuke always likes to have a drink…..or two before his shows to calm his nerves.

  • Luke Combs and His Solo Cup

    Country Stars Pre-Show RitualsDo you know that cup Luke carries around all the time on stage? It’s a heavy Jack with Diet and no ice. Fun Fact from Luke: Ice cools your vocal cords and it gives you a higher chance of damaging your voice.