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The Kicks Wake Up Krew

If you’ve listened to the Kicks Wake Up Krew for any amount of time, you probably know we are huge animal lovers!  Dub has 2 dogs and a cat.  And I have 3 dogs.  Just recently, we asked you guys about things our pets just don’t seem to understand.  And while we as humans do some crazy things in our dog’s eyes… there are many crazy dog behaviors I may never understand!

🐾What's something your dog doesn't seem to understand?🐾

Posted by The Kicks Wake Up Krew on Friday, February 3, 2023

Each of my dogs has a unique personality.  Cody, my almost 13-year-old black lab, is my calm, loving, always there for me, sweetest boy.  Harley, my almost 7-year-old pit mix, is sweet, sassy, silly, protective, and a big lover.  Then there’s the newest pup, Waylon.  Not quite sure what type of dog he is, or how old he is.  And I’m still learning a lot about his little personality.  He’s super curious, a goofball, loves to give kisses, and lately has found that when he whines, he’s more likely to get attention.

Put all three of them together… and I affectionately call them my three-ring circus! Although Cody usually tries his best to stay out of the way of the other two tornadoes.  Watching how they interact with each other and the world around them has always been something I enjoy.  It’s especially funny when they are doing something and have no idea that I’m watching.  But I have to admit… there are some crazy dog behaviors.

There are some dog behaviors that are really common.  Like sniffing.  Boy, do mine love to sniff everything… even each other’s backends! Haha.  Then you have things like turning in circles numerous times before laying down.  And some dogs, like my Waylon, are big diggers.  Oh, and he’s also learned to hike his leg to mark his territory, and likes showing that off on our walks each morning!

I figured I’d share a few crazy dog behaviors from my three pups… and see if you can relate!

  • Fighting...

    These two… I swear most days it sounds like they are going to kill each other!  Whether they are fighting over a toy, or simply at each others throats, this happens on a daily basis.

  • The Head Tilt

    By far one of my absolutely FAVORITE things a dog can do.  It’s harder to get a head tilt from Cody and Harley these days– they’ve seen and heard it all, so I guess they aren’t curious any more!  But here’s Waylon… as I make crazy sounds to get him to do it!

  • Whining

    Cody doesn’t whine much any more… Harley mostly whines when she sees something/someone outside and she wants out.  But Waylon, well, he whines about a lot of things.  Lately, I think some of it is boredom.  In this video, he’s crying because his Kong with peanut butter is on the counter and he wants it.

  • Pawing At Me

    My sweet Cody has the best puppy eyes!  And he also loves to paw at me when he wants attention and affection.  He also loves to nudge me with his nose and almost knock me over when I’m stretching in the floor!

  • Barking At Everything

    Harley is my protector.  And she feels the need to bark at just about everything.  Usually it’s someone walking down the road or a bird or squirrel in the backyard.  But when David cuts grass, she loses her mind when he uses the weedeater and the leaf blower.  This video doesn’t really do it justice though.  She’ll get her Kong and bark with it in her mouth.  It’s hilarious!

  • Begging For Food

    All three of my pups are very food motivated.  And yes, a little spoiled.  What can I say? I have a hard time saying no to these eyes! Oh, and the whine and groan in the back is Harley!


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